Wednesday, March 20, 2013

At Last and a Linky

No, I haven't forgotten about my blog.  I've been mourning the death of my laptop. 

In trying to get caught up on blog-reading while I'm on spring break, I noticed Jill at A Little Red Wagon is participating in a fun linky.  It originated with Latoya at Flying Into First.

Two Truths & a Lie

1. I have a tall son and a short son.    

2. I'm married to a handsome truck driver. 

3. I love, Love, LOVE all things lemon.

Leave me a comment with your guess as to which statement is a falsehood.  (I'd love to have you become my follower while you're here.)  Come back Friday for the reveal.  Then hike over to the first  two people who linked before you.  Check out their blogs and leave a comment and/or become a follower.  

Click on the linky caption above and keep hiking on to Latoya's campgrounds.  You'll love her blog!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Roll Call


We have a new Camper in our midst.  Everyone give a shout-out to Breanne!  You'll want to march on over to her colorful blog, Ms. Third Grade.  It's just full of creative things.