Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Sweetest Person I Know Is...

This Valentine's Day my students made a gift for the sweetest person they know. They really brightened up our 2nd grade hall and I know the recipients will cherish these "home(school)made" gifts.

What they did:
Last weeks writing center was to write a rough draft about the sweetest person they know. Their writing had to include the topic sentence "The sweetest person I know is ______________". Then they had to give at least 3 examples (supporting details) to tell why this person is so sweet.

I met with each student individually over the course of the week and helped them with any mechanical and grammar errors.

Finally they added a flower bouquet to their writing. They had a lot of fun, and they wrote many heart felt paragraphs. I loved reading them all!


  1. These are certainly a colorful addition to our hallway!


  2. Thanks, Campers. They were very proud of their efforts.